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Beer tourism in Lithuania

Lithuania - the territory of excellent beer. Lithuanian beer may well compete with the best beers of the Czech or German, and possibly exceeds many of them. In recent years, Lithuania has appeared even the concept of beer tourism. Residents of neighboring countries, especially coming to this country to drink lithuanian beer.


Lithuanian beer is an excellent production. Beer, the quality of which have repeatedly confirmed by numerous awards at various international competitions. The number of lithuanian beers is unimaginable.


Each region of the country prefers the local variety or a few beers. In Klaipeda from the late 18th century prepared one of the most famous varieties of Lithuanian beer "Shvituris." Western Lithuania it is considered the standard beer art. A different view from the inhabitants of the north-east. They believe the best type of beer called "Utyanos" cook in the city of the same name Utena. And there is still "Kalnapilis", "Shnyakuchay" and many others. Today in Lithuania can even buy a beer of rural cooking. It usually spreads to the large three-liter bottles. The country has about two hundred manufacturers who are preparing homemade beer by Lithuanian recipes.


Separate story - beer snacks. Lithuanian pubs can offer it all. Besides an incredible amount of local cheeses, it's a pig ears and a variety of toasts, and of course fish in all its manifestations. Do not forget that Lithuania is the Baltic country.


Lithuanians love and appreciate beer. Not one little bit in Lithuania holiday is complete without this wonderful drink. And this applies to both cities and villages of the country.


Thus, Lithuania has long been considered one of the pubs centers in Europe, which is recognized even by people such brewing countries like Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic, as well as many other Europeans.

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