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Jurmala, Liepaja sex tourism

Sex tourism in Jurmala.

Well, probably, every child knows that Jurmala is one of the most famous sex tourism cities of the Baltic, stretching along the Gulf of Riga 32 km. Jurmala has many sex tourism resorts. Jurmala is rich in museums, exhibition halls, restaurants, bars and sexy girls and women. Jurmala can rightly be considered the heart of resorts in Latvia and best location for sex tourism no matter if you are visiting alone or with your sex partner.

Sex tourism in Liepaja.

Liepaja is known from 1253 and has over 282 years received the status of the city, ranked third largest cities of Latvia. Which is good then searching for sex partner. Attraction of this town is the Church of St. Anne, Trinity Church, a huge ice arena, the Palace in the open air, the largest park in Latvia "Seaside." Any of these may be a good place for recreation. 


Looking through the eyes of a tourist being in Liepaja, the passage of time simply stops. The town is well preserved building center of the Classical period. Having been here a sin not to drive for a while on tiny tram that boldly rushing lanes for Liepaja. Liepaja is not considered sex tourism city, but still there is lots of nice girls and women. And overall level of economic is lower then in Riga.

The main attraction of Riga, with hundreds of old buildings is considered "Old Town" area Vekriga with interesting buildings, the Large and Small Guild painted with "Cat House". The center of Riga Dome Cathedral is the heart which is the symbol of the city. But not only this famous Riga, a city rich with interesting old buildings that house museums, which he can prove his great history.


Perhaps the most important attraction of this country is the famous capital of Latvia - Riga, which was founded by the knights of the Livonian Order 1201g. This city has a very rich cultural history. It can be considered a true architectural monument in the open air, it is the center of music and folk art, this is the territory for festivals, fairs hundred, and it is deservedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

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