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Kaunas and Klaipeda

Kaunas - this is an interesting and romantic city of Lithuania. He is as charming and sweet as the old black and white movies. Kaunas has something to surprise your guests. The city was founded in 1030, is located at the intersection of two rivers and trade routes, making it an ideal location for trade. And as any romantic city it has lots to offer for both tourists and sex tourists - no matter if your sex partner visits city with you or you are in search of one.

Wrapping a few centuries ago, we can see that the city was the capital of Lithuania until 1939. During the war, the Germans invaded and destroyed all of the rich Jewish population of the city.

What to visit in Kaunas:

Ninth Fort - originally built as a fortress from 1902 to 1913. During the Nazi occupation, there had killed more than 50,000 people, including about 30,000 Jews.

Chertsey Museum - Here you will find an interesting collection of figures of devils from all over the world.

Hill of Crosses - it crosses all sizes. Some of them are about 1.52 m, while the other 3 meters! First crosses are said to have been put on the mountain in the Middle Ages. The mountain is located about 100 kilometers from Kaunas, despite the distance, be sure to visit this place!


Klaipeda - is ice-free port in the Baltic Sea, the only port in Lithuania. Klaipeda is the oldest city founded by August 1, 1252. The town was an important trading center since ancient times. It traded northern and southern merchants.

Its architectural style is similar to the ones you can see in the Nordic countries, although it has its own characteristics - style of Half-timbered houses. In addition, Klaipeda very proud maritime tradition. A large number of tourists come to Klaipeda because of this. The city is the Sea Festival, held every last weekend of July. The festival includes a number of amazing performances, as well as fair.

Another way to enjoy the sea culture of Klaipeda is visit Kopgalis fort, which houses the Maritime Museum. In the museum is an exhibition of the history of navigation, marine nature and a rich aquarium and dolphinarium. You can see the trained dolphins, sea lions, and a variety of fish.

In Klaipeda, many recreational beaches. It boasts of pristine white sand beaches. Seaside Regional Park is a spectacular place to stay, full of beautiful landscapes and nature. You can go sailing and sailing on the Baltic Sea. You can also treat yourself, rest in Palanga, Lithuania's largest resort. There are many ways to make your visit a memorable one in Klaipeda.

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