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Lithuania tourism guide

Lithuania - a small European country with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Visiting the country might be interesting for different categories of tourists, because Lithuania has what to offer: entertaining, sex tourism and educational travel marshuty for young people, and sightseeing tours in the city for the whole family, and lovers of art and history will not be indifferent to lithuanian architecture, historical sites, museums and galleries the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.


Vilnius like no other city is able to captivate the visitor its contrasts. The Old Town, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, visitors will win their comfort and serenity, while new city will attract the attention of outdoor enthusiasts, shopping and entertainment. Both of them have lots to offer for a sex tourist - bars, restaraunts, nightclubs. In Vilnius,Lithuania it is easy to find a place to sleep or staying for a couple of days, because there is presented accommodation to suit all tastes, from budget hostels to five star hotels. And it'is also easy to find a woman of your choice. Lithuania has plenty of all!


Well hallmark of the Vilnius can be called fair and street festivals that take place quite often. Here tourists can enjoy live music, learn traditional Lithuanian crafts, try the national cuisine, fun sexual entertainments and buy souvenirs for their friends. In short, if you enjoy quality educational, leisure or sex, then you should definitely visit Lithuania, in particular its charming capital city of Vilnius unique.

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