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Lithuania as tourist resort

On the east coast of the Baltic Sea area Lithuania is located, the southernmost of all the Baltic countries. The mild climate and friendly attitude of the inhabitants attracts tourists, more and more tourists, sex tourists among them. It's hard to believe, but once the borders of Lithuania stretched to the Black Sea. In fact, the history of this state - is the story of the territory at different times belonged to various states.


Lithuania - a country that is booming at the moment, construction of new tourist destinations, tourist centers, restaurants, motels and hotels. In addition, the Government is attentive to the environmental situation in the country cares about the environment. So what attracts tourists here, of course, first of all a truly fresh air of Lithuania, its deep lakes, beautiful clean beaches and nice, sexy women. Local landscapes are very diverse. And at the same time - very cool. The sea air is filled with coastal smell of pine needles here, because almost one-third of Lithuania consists of mixed and coniferous forests.


Vilnius city has to offer tourists (and sex tourists) a great variety of excursions to local attractions. This area of the Old City is able to win the hearts of travelers. Also recently, it was taken under protection of UNESCO, which was the impetus for the opening of new facilities for vacationers, the restoration of old monuments as well as holding a number of festivals and various exhibitions opening designed to familiarize visitors with the history of the country. Even a simple walk around the Old City - is in itself an unforgettable experience. After all, here you can find houses built in the 15-16 centuries. A visit to the country's main character - Gediminas Tower - you can see the whole city from the observation deck of the tower. It is also one of the oldest cities in Europe can offer you to explore the cathedral and town hall.


I must say that the Second World fairly patted the city. Many unique cultural and architectural plans of the buildings were then destroyed. However, the preserved medieval town is currently one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Here there are a variety of buildings both in terms of architectural style and period of construction. This combination puts a sort of time machine for a walk and tour of the houses you forget about everything.

Palanga is most commonly associated with travel to the summer vacation in Lithuania. Placed on the base here and resorts provide an excellent opportunity for prevention of cardiovascular diseases, disorders and vestibular disorders of the nervous system. All this combined with the pure air and the Baltic sandy beaches to relax and help physically and mentally. More then that - you can find a sex partner around if you'll want. Activities in this place strongly supported. There are soccer fields, jet skis, tennis courts, bicycles, roller skates, swimming pools, bath complexes. Will also be a great omission not to visit the famous palace of the Tyszkiewicz, surrounded by a huge park. Here you can admire the vast collection in the world of amber, located in the Palais des Amber Museum. On the terrace of the palace in the evenings are often held poetry readings and thematic concerts.


Trakai Castle, located in another old Lithuanian town of Trakai, was built in 1409. Getting to this miracle is possible either by boat or by using bridges, thrown from the shore to the island. This place is loved by all the romantic-minded natures, and is perhaps the main attraction of the city.


The small resort town of Druskininkai, nestled in the south of Lithuania. It is famous primarily for its healing mineral springs. A truly fresh air, warm sun and a warm welcome. Wellness in such an atmosphere does not seem to be an unpleasant and time-consuming task. In addition, the resort is located here with the same name runs all year round. Maximum convenience and minimum hassle - the best combination for relaxation. And one of the best places for a sex tourism if you have already found your partner.


One of the interesting places in this city - home of the composer and artist MKCiurlionis. Once upon a time he lived here with his family, and now the house turned into a museum of the life of this famous man by historians. In summer you can go to a concert of piano music. With creativity and the life of another famous person, who was born in this city, can be found at the State Jewish Museum. This is an artist and sculptor Jacques Lipchitz modernist. The museum exposition is present photographs depicting the life of this artist.


Lithuania - a wonderful combination of styles, mild climate and the Baltic states and a great opportunity to improve their health. Ecologically clean air and a caring attitude will help to relax and forget about the disease. And a unique architectural landmarks of cities will be able to load on a vacation in the Middle Ages now.

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