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Sex as answer to winter depression

With the onset of winter colors begin to fade around us, day after day, seeing how dark grim trees are drawn to us, banging on the windows of the branches thus taking away the last remnants of our moods. Personal life is not glued, work in the decline of desires is not much, but rather only the only one, so all you have left in peace. Winter has not really begun, and you already hate her silently thinking, but when it ends. And then begins apathy creeps up on you, burdening and restricting you, making all the free time to spend at home watching TV. Everything that happens to you it is not as not related to the onset of the black band of your life, there is another explanation, and quite convincing, most likely your body is not enough hormones of happiness. There are two main hormones that raise us up, forcing you to respond positively to the world and events - a serotonin and endorphins.

It is important to maintain the level of serotanina, because in addition to the mood he was also responsible for the psychological stability. Reduced levels of this hormone reduces the energy potential, that is, causes apathy and lack of will, then you start to feel the distraction of thought and attention, probably because of the lack of sleep, a little time passes and it turns out, you become anti-social person, without work, without a regular sexual partner , with established depressive mood. Every day you will only get worse, thanks to the omnipresent guilt you have long kept to himself, and notice how your thinking and speech disorganization seen, you have to seriously talk with normal people, they cease to understand you, they like you from another world. And then really bad, most likely, you have to light the psychological pathology, and perhaps all this will go smoothly in schizophrenia, not to mention the constant thoughts of suicide and attempts. Here's how idle depression can develop into a problem with serious consequences. So it makes sense to avoid it quickly, otherwise it will be harder later.

To elaborated serotanin first need light, so in the absence of light due to the hormone melatonin is produced, which produces gamma-aminobutyric acid, which in turn delays the synthesis of the serotanina. That melatonin is the main cause of seasonal depression. Therefore, the most important in winter when the sun and the bright days are so few, selected for a walk at the moment when the sun even for a short time, but it will come out of the snowy clouds.

It is also necessary for the synthesis of serotanina glucose or carbohydrate foods, thanks to him and the release of insulin is the hormone transport, in consequence of which is due to protein catabolism increases the level of tryptophan in the blood. If you feel an incredible craving for sweets, you should not limit yourself in such pleasures, even the most stringent diets sometimes are allowed to indulge in a forbidden fruit.

There are a variety of antidepressants, created on the principle of inhibitors that prevent the capture of serotanina, but I would not recommend their use, in my opinion, this is a last resort.

I guess we all have happened, that occurred some sweet presentiment of events that gives us enormous pleasure and looking forward to this opportunity to its execution, if you live in these events a lot, just scroll through it in my head. At this point, if you're on top of the world, it seems that nothing can you spoil your mood elevated. This is because dopamine is similar to the hormone responsible for serotaninom feelings of pleasure, as well as for your anticipation. Sex and the delicious food that makes you excited, as this hormone increases.

Endorphins occur during the euphoria. Their splash is most often observed after the use of drugs based on opium, before they were used as anesthetics. Also, after the euphoria may overcome the stressful situation that you have successfully gone through, and your body receives as compensation a portion of endorphins, which ultimately makes you happy. Such a shake-up of the body regularly have competitors, so they always feel a sublime, if you sat at home, not slowly into the hall, close to fitness and sports.

Hormone endorphin also has a restoration of bone tissue, which is so necessary for fractures, so happy optimists recover more quickly. And remember that all the diseases of stress!


So come to Baltics (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) - have some fun (and may be sex with local girls) and you will feel much better!

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