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Sex in Estonia

This articles covers all sex related information about Estonia.


First of all we are going to provide list of sexual entertainments:


Strip clubs. Lots of them avalaible in Estonia. Standart services, no sex. Since prostitution is illegal in Estonia you can't pay for sex here. But some of stripers may illegaly offer such a service. You shouldn't consider this as an option.


Brothels. As mentioned above, prostitution is illegal in Estonia, meaning you can not pay for sex directly. Still illegal prostitution exists and if you are ok with a risk of going to jail - you can pay for sex. Still not recomended.


Massage. It is not a sex but still pleasant sexual entertainment. Even more, if you are looking for payed sex - massage saloons are most trusted places.


Internet sex activities. With internet developing lots of sexual entertainment became availaible. Estonia has it all. Sex dating social networks and web-sites, sex web-cam services, sex-chats to just speak about sex, sex-shops to buy some sex-toys.


Sex. As in any other country you can just go to bar or nightclub and find sex partner for a night. But Estonia for a reason called sex capital of Europe. Lots of good looking and easy-going girls live here. More then that, Estonia haven't reached European level of sallaries, making local girls easy to buy with presents and drinks they can't afford by themselfs.


From entertainment to history. Selling and buying sex wasn't always forbidden. In short period from 1918 to 1940 prostitution in Estonia was legalized. But in opposite during the Soviet period even pornography and sexual propaganda were against the law.


And few words about laws. There are no strict laws against sexual activities with full-age persons in Estonia. Any person who reached 18 years can hae sex with any person reached at least 18 years old. If you considering younger person as a sex partner - check Age of sexual consent page.

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