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Valmiera tourism

Valmiera is in the north of Latvia and is one of the largest cities in the country. It is located on the banks of river Gauya, not so far, about 50 km from the Estonian border and 100 km from Riga - capital of Latvia.

The advantageous location of impact on his development. Valmiera was formed in the 11th century on the site where trade routes crossed, there was a castle with fortifications surrounded by a fortress wall. Valmiera and today a major industrial center in Latvia, which is very important for the country. As for tourism and sex tourism - Valmiera is well developed city and has everything to offer for either tourists and sex tourists. Including cheap prices, warm smiles from both girls (women) and men.

If you translate the name of the Latvian language, it sounds like "a place where there is always peace." In fact, there is sufficient measured and quiet life. However, once a year in summer a festival of rock music. Many visitors come to the city in October, it is connected with the fair Simyuda and holiday songs that are well known and popular in the Baltic States. Both of these events are considered a good moment for sex-related tourism as there are lots of people visiting city to have fun. And sex is always a part of fun.

Can not be ignored and "stork's nest" - the ruins of an ancient castle. This is one of the most popular attractions in the city, today it is museum. Also in the vicinity of the ski slopes and the lake Burtnieks, which is suitable for water activities of the dispute. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are places for cycling and hiking.

Find their way to the city is easy, it leads to highway. Just out of the capital city daily a bus, there is a rail service.

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