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Despite a stubborn and rebellious nature, Lithuania is a wonderful place to visit, mainly because of its bright and colorful history, which makes it the greatest and most mysterious places in Europe. Lithuania, though not great, was able to win independence from the mighty Soviet Union in 1990. Now it's pretty well developed european country with really beautiful women. And as others baltic states is a good place for sex tourism.

Lithuania has a rather vast area stretching from the Black Sea to the Baltic. This is the largest of the Baltic States, as well as the most populous. Lithuanian territory has more than 2,800 lakes and 758 rivers, thirty percent of the area is covered by forests. Here, everything is done to keep nature.

Would be happy to visit the tiny Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the banks of the river Neris and Wilensky. Inner City-preserved architecture, which is considered the best in Europe. Construction style of Vilnius University, with many courtyards, a city within a city. Lakes, forests, Hill of Crosses, Soviet sculpture park - all worth seeing.

Vilnius Old Town has a number of museums, churches and monuments. The buildings here are fine examples of different styles - neo-classical, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. The main street of Vilnius - Piles is known for its cafes and street life.

Vilnius monuments listed in UNESCO.

The Presidential Palace was built in the 14th century, a number of structures have been added to it until the 18th century. Transformed into the presidential palace in 1997.

Slushko palace was built between 1690 - 1700, he is not far from the river Neris. The palace was built by Dominic Slushko. Today, the palace is the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Church of St. Anne - is the Roman Catholic Church is located on the bank of the river Vilna, is a fine example of Gothic style.

Vilnius Cathedral is located in the Old Town of Vilnius. It has a number of tombs and several paintings owned 16-19th century.

Church of All Saints. This church was built in the period from 1620-1630, the bell tower and cupola roof was added in the 18th century. In addition, the church has a small museum.

Lithuanian National Drama Theatre was established in 1940 and is the personification of the poetic side of Vilnius.


Either you are going here for nice views, either for nice girls. Tourism or sex tourism. Vilnius is good for both of them.

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