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Why sex is good?

We are not animals, we are humans. And having sex is not just for the sake of reproduction but also for pleasure. During and after sex you feel that you become better and more enjoyable, your feelings do not deceive you. This is true. Sex is very useful for emotional and physical condition. Needless to say that sex combines a complete set of physical exercises, and so it is well known. But even sex influences on such intangible parameters of the body as memory, pain, joy, etc.

At the time of copulation in the brain enters a much larger amount of blood enriched with oxygen, so that existing brain cells are a good stimulation. Just for women released into the blood hormone testosterone, improves concentration and reaction. At the same time stimulates the growth of new brain cells. Thus, improved brain function, including memory.

During the whole sex in the blood "pouring" huge amount of endorphins, which cause feelings of euphoria and help for stress. Produced by serotonin in the brain that acts as an intermediary substance, it was through his impulses are transmitted to the brain.


So why spent vacation without fun? Sex tourism is a way to have complete vacation. And with combination of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania nice climate and sexy women - you will not find anything better.

Doctors recommend having sex before going to bed, but not in the morning, because it takes a lot of energy. Psychologists advise, the same thing, but for another reason: Sex relieves stress accumulated during the day. So, if you have a bedtime was good sex, then you'll sleep sweetly and morning will be a pleasant one.

Just do not get carried away in self!

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