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Women sex desires

Women love sex. It's a fact. And precisely because they so they love it, they have phenomenal sexual fantasies arise.

These seven amazing fantasies about sex - just what a woman needs to keep it on. Add these fantasies into your sex life.



There are days when she wants to take a rope and tied his hands and feet of the man to the bed to take full advantage of them. She wants to bring a man to climax and then stop and play with him.
She wants to wear black clothes and maybe even whip his choice. Show that it can be so wanton in bed, as he does not even dreamed of.



Every woman secretly wishes that a man could take her under his control in bed and do something that will make her feel that he is wholly owned by it.
Whatever it was, every woman wants to know what the man wants it so that can barely contain himself. And girls in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are historically used to be in submission.


RPG (Role Playing Games)

If you portray a doctor or a fake colleague, your imagination together with your partner can do wonders. Why not?
Because when a man tries on a strange way, his behavior changed. It liberated and devoid of patterns inherent in the human reality. So we do not feel excited and did not care about, to be decent and "in his style." It's just a game after all.


Sex with a stranger

Many women will not have sex with a totally alien to them by man, but they meet attractive men at work or on the street and sometimes regret that they can not show them the sexual experience, not to mention a word about himself. No names, no talk, nothing but a crazy sex. Think of it next time you will visit Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania for sex tourism. May be girl sitting next to is just seeking for a sex with stranger?

Sex with another woman

Nearly every woman fantasizes about what ever will have sex with another woman. Tenderness of the body and cause a craving lips.
Kiss is the number one reason why women fantasize about each other. Tenderness is the second reason.



Sex "under observation" is highly valued by women and most say it's because they will get a special pleasure in knowing that others are also thrilled by watching them.
Sex in a public place usually alleviates this fantasy, but it does not cause the same emotions and adrenaline than sex in a sex club where you allow other couples to see how having fun with your woman.


Sex with a virgin

This may come as a shock, but many women want a man who has no experience in the bedroom.

Women fantasize about having sex with an inexperienced person, because they could easily use it and teach it tricks and little things that they like. When a partner has little or no sexual experience, it is easy to form "under him" his conduct in bed.

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