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Sex is important for health

Human - a being unique, and unlike other animals, he is always ready for sex. For this reason, whether or for other reasons, many scientists are singing odes to such a very pleasant experience as sex. So, recently, Taiwanese and Finnish researchers conducted another study in which examined the benefit of sex. Participants in the experiment were 1000 people aged 55 to 75 years. Researchers concluded that men who had regular sex, were less prone to impotence. Thus, according to studies, men, sexy rhythm that was less then once a week, had problems with potency in 79 cases. Representatives of the stronger sex, who made love once a week and more often had problems getting an erection in 32 cases, and among men who had sex three times a week, potency problems have arisen in only 16 people.

Also, scientists have concluded that in order to increase their chances of long life (80 years) to have sex at least once a week. In addition experts have determined that regular sex in the elderly by 50% reduces the risk of stroke by 40% - diabetes and 30% - a heart attack. Therefore, love each other and live a long and healthy life.


So if you don't have an option to have sex at home - may be you should of sex tourism as help for your health?

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