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Why to have sex is so important for a man?

Can a man live without sex? Of course he can. Proove of this - the astronauts, submariners, novices of monasteries, and even the most ordinary man whose wife can not perform in bed her conjugal duty, but the respect and sincere love will not allow even the slightest idea to go look for sex somewhere in the party. A similar example is much more than you can imagine yourself.

So, dear ladies, know this: if your partner says that has changed due to the fact that he could not live without sex, until you were not, then it's just clumsy and banal "excuse." And, apparently, on that note and the whole crux of the problem is exhausted. However, it is actually not so simple.

To date, the number of men who do not have sex is quite big. And many of them choose such a life consciously, for some reason, not knowing that if sex is missing in life, for the male body is fraught with pretty serious consequences.

Sexologists in one voice say that sex is a necessity. Let's start with the HoTs to what kind of life causes enormous damage to just the male psyche, making him trapped and unsure of himself. Men who did not have no sexual intimacy for a long time, with great difficulty come into contact not only with representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, but also with their "brothers" on the floor. After a certain period of time they begin to have a negative attitude towards his friends, whose sex life is rich and tumultuous. And while those men who have chosen for themselves a life without sex is quite voluntarily, by any means inclined to deny the degree of importance of such close proximity, as the sex of your life. On a subconscious level, they feel very unhappy people.

Lack of sex in men, and a negative impact on their health, which is not surprising, especially if we take into account the fact that all our sorrows arise from nerves and the nervous system itself in a situation or to hell. The complete lack of intimacy can aggravate or even cause such diseases as prostate and cause problems with ejaculation or erection.

In addition to damage to health, sex, or rather lack thereof, can cause a whole series of problems which, at first glance, this question does not related. Thus, the statistics showed that people with full and regular sex life business is more successful, brighter and richer life, and looks much more attractive than those in whose life in general there is no place for sex.

As a result, may develop not only a variety of stressful, but even depression. In most cases, men are beginning to look a certain change to sex, at least somewhere to release the energy that accumulates. Well, if it is in the area of ​​hobbies or interesting work, but it may be drugs, alcohol, and other harmful things.

Yes, the complete lack of sex - it's pretty unpleasant and unprofitable, but the experience is quite possible. One solution to this kind of situation, which turns a good half of the total number of the stronger sex - masturbation. It can help prevent a variety of disorders of the genitourinary system, to help overcome his nerves sexual vacuum, relieve the tension that has accumulated.

A significant proportion of men increased physical activity, begin an unusually active in various sports, which provide a considerable energy consumption. There are many ways how you can distract yourself from obsessive thoughts about sex, who will surely pursue absolutely anyone, regardless of the man or the woman. But now experts in the field believe that it is better to just find a sexual partner, and lead a normal, full sex life that you do not replace any sport.

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