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Latvia. Sex tourism Latvia guide.

Valmiera tourism

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Valmiera is in the north of Latvia and is one of the largest cities in the country. It is located on the banks of river Gauya, not so far, about 50 km from the Estonian border and 100 km from Riga - capital of Latvia.  The advantageous location of impact on his development. Valmiera was formed in the 11th century on the site where trade routes crossed,

GoBlonde-2013 in Riga

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Holidays in Latvia abundant with cultural and recreational activities. One of these events - Festival of blondes, which has for several years held in Riga and is a huge success. After a break last year's festival returns. But this summer blonde participants and guests will wait in Jurmala. For the event organizers have chosen the peak summer season. Thus, th

Blond parade in Riga

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In may 2010 at the heart of Riga (Latvia), was the parade.   About a thousand sexy blonde women and girls in pink sundresses, every and each of whom is proud to say that they she is blonde. They sang and danced and showed each other their hair, and hand-held animals. By the way now blondes in fashion butterfly. A real, live butterflies, they are in a sp


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Riga is the capital of Latvia, and most cosmopolitan city in the Baltic countries. In general, Riga stands out among all the other central cities in this part of Europe, especially with its incredible architecture. In Riga, located more remarkable buildings constructed in modern style than any other city in the world. This is a great architectural wealth is

Jurmala, Liepaja sex tourism

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Sex tourism in Jurmala. Well, probably, every child knows that Jurmala is one of the most famous sex tourism cities of the Baltic, stretching along the Gulf of Riga 32 km. Jurmala has many sex tourism resorts. Jurmala is rich in museums, exhibition halls, restaurants, bars and sexy girls and women. Jurmala can rightly be considered the heart o

Latvia main information

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Latvia, the official name - Republic of Latvia - Baltic state in Northern Europe with a population of 2,236,910 people (2011), the capital city - Riga (703 581 persons, 2011). In Latvia, there are 1,282,034 women.   Most of its history Latvia was subordinated to other countries. This is reflected in the mentality of the population. For the most part calm,

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