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Kaunas and Klaipeda

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Kaunas - this is an interesting and romantic city of Lithuania. He is as charming and sweet as the old black and white movies. Kaunas has something to surprise your guests. The city was founded in 1030, is located at the intersection of two rivers and trade routes, making it an ideal location for trade. And as any romantic city it has lots to offer for both


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Despite a stubborn and rebellious nature, Lithuania is a wonderful place to visit, mainly because of its bright and colorful history, which makes it the greatest and most mysterious places in Europe. Lithuania, though not great, was able to win independence from the mighty Soviet Union in 1990. Now it's pretty well developed european country with really beau

Vilnius sex tourism

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Vilnius - Lithuania's capital and largest city in the country, where 553 thousand people. The city is located to the east of the Baltic coast, where the rivers merge, and Vilnius Neris, 40 km from the border with Belarus. Vilnius is your first choice if you are going to Lithuania for sex tourism.   Vilnius was first mentioned as the capital of Lithuania

Lithuania as tourist resort

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On the east coast of the Baltic Sea area Lithuania is located, the southernmost of all the Baltic countries. The mild climate and friendly attitude of the inhabitants attracts tourists, more and more tourists, sex tourists among them. It's hard to believe, but once the borders of Lithuania stretched to the Black Sea. In fact, the history of this state - is t

Lithiania overview

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Lithuania - the largest country in the Baltic states, covering an area of more than 65 thousand square kilometers In terms of population it is also superior to their Baltic neighbors, and is home to 3.37 million people. Although Lithuania is usually called a small country, its territory is much more than, say, the territory of Denmark or Switzerland, or put

Beer tourism in Lithuania

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Lithuania - the territory of excellent beer. Lithuanian beer may well compete with the best beers of the Czech or German, and possibly exceeds many of them. In recent years, Lithuania has appeared even the concept of beer tourism. Residents of neighboring countries, especially coming to this country to drink lithuanian beer.   Lithuanian beer is an exce

Lithuania tourism guide

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Lithuania - a small European country with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Visiting the country might be interesting for different categories of tourists, because Lithuania has what to offer: entertaining, sex tourismĀ and educational travel marshuty for young people, and sightseeing tours in the city for the whole family, and lovers of art and histo

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