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Sex information. Sex and sex tourism information.

Sex as answer to winter depression

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With the onset of winter colors begin to fade around us, day after day, seeing how dark grim trees are drawn to us, banging on the windows of the branches thus taking away the last remnants of our moods. Personal life is not glued, work in the decline of desires is not much, but rather only the only one, so all you have left in peace. Winter has not really b

Sex is important for health

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Human - a being unique, and unlike other animals, he is always ready for sex. For this reason, whether or for other reasons, many scientists are singing odes to such a very pleasant experience as sex. So, recently, Taiwanese and Finnish researchers conducted another study in which examined the benefit of sex. Participants in the experiment were 1000 people a

Why to have sex is so important for a man?

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Can a man live without sex? Of course he can. Proove of this - the astronauts, submariners, novices of monasteries, and even the most ordinary man whose wife can not perform in bed her conjugal duty, but the respect and sincere love will not allow even the slightest idea to go look for sex somewhere in the party. A similar example is much more than you

Sex on the Web camera

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Sex on the Web camera - this is a relatively new trend among all kinds of virtual entertainment for adults.   To the date, there are many different online sex web chats. Communication occurs in them on both sides. The main condition for the use of such sites is the presence of a Web camera. The structure of the sex video chat is simple. There are a numb

Why sex is good?

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We are not animals, we are humans. And having sex is not just for the sake of reproduction but also for pleasure. During and after sex you feel that you become better and more enjoyable, your feelings do not deceive you. This is true. Sex is very useful for emotional and physical condition. Needless to say that sex combines a complete set of physical exercis

Sex without commitment

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Nowadays, sex without commitment is a common phenomenon. A lot of society members, both male and female are ready to have sex with complete strangers. Do not think that the reason lies in the lack of sex and the absence of a permanent partner - often people who are married do not refuse sex without commitment. Let's see why sex without commitment attrac

Women sex desires

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Women love sex. It's a fact. And precisely because they so they love it, they have phenomenal sexual fantasies arise. These seven amazing fantasies about sex - just what a woman needs to keep it on. Add these fantasies into your sex life.   Domination There are days when she wants to take a rope and tied his hands and feet of the man to the bed to take

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